Hello.  Welcome to my little slice of the web.  Thanks for stopping by.  Since you've taken the trouble to click here, let me tell you a little about myself. 

Not so very long ago, my then ten year old daughter needed a headshot to hang in the lobby of a theater where she had been cast in a play.  My claim that I could take them for her was met with immediate, and quite honestly, justified skepticism.  Bluffing and cajoling my way around her objections, I finally won her trust.  Or at least she let me believe I had (she's much smarter than I am).  Borrowing my brother's Nikon after a quick crash course on which buttons to push, we drove around Santa Monica and took some shots. To both of our surprise, we got some really great stuff.  And had a really fun time doing it.  Before I knew it I was taking pictures of her friends, my friends, practicing with the camera, learning about light and falling in love with the art of photography.  Six years later, much to my joy and amazement, I find myself a photographer.